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Contents of October 2007 Issue


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Research Articles


Mineral trioxide aggregate as pulp dressing agent in pulpotomy treatment of primary molars: 42-month clinical study.


M. Maroto, E. Barbería, V. Vera & F. García-Godoy

Long-term retrospective study of the clinical performance of fiber posts.

M. Ferrari, M.C. Cagidiaco, C. Goracci, A. Vichi, P.N. Mason, I. Radovic & F. Tay

The use of a flowable ormocer for bonding brackets.

A. Vicente & L.A. Bravo

The apical sealing ability of a new root canal filling material.

E. Bodrumlu & U. Tunga

Influence of coffee on reflectance and chemistry of resin composite protected by surface sealant.

L.E.S. Soares, I.C.R. Cesar, C.G.C. Santos, A.L.M.O. Cardoso, P.C.S. Liporoni, E. Munin & A.A. Martin


Morphological characterization of the interface between self-etching adhesives

and vital dentin.

A.I. Abdalla & A.J. Feilzer


Tooth whitening through the removal of extrinsic stain with two sodium hexametaphosphate-containing whitening dentifrices.

G.T. Terézhalmy, A.R. Biesbrock, S. Farrell, M.L. Barker & R.D. Bartizek


A randomized controlled trial of home tooth-whitening products.

E.C.M. Lo, A.H.H. Wong & C. McGrath


Shear bond strength of resin composite to enamel and dentin submitted to a carbamide peroxide dentifrice.

B.M.C.G. da Silva, F.M. Flório & R.T. Basting


Enamel microhardness and shear bond strength after treatment with an 18% carbamide peroxide bleaching varnish.

R.T. Sasaki, C.M. Barbosa, F.M. Flório & R.T. Basting


Comparison of the effect of storage media on hardness and shear punch strength of tooth-colored restorative materials.

R. Bagheri, M.J. Tyas & M.F. Burrow


Shade distribution of commercial resin composites and color difference with shade guide tabs.

S-K. Park & Y-K. Lee

Oral piercing: Complications and side effects.

L. Levin & Y. Zadik


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