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Contents of October 

and December 2005 Issues 

October 2005

  • Capacity of coronal dentin to increase fiberglass post retention: A pull-out test.

C. D’Arcangelo, G.D. Prosperi, P. Passariello, S. Caputi & V.A. Malagnino

  • Evaluation of toothbrush and generalized wear of luting materials.

S. Suzuki & H. Minami

  • The influence of human plasma used for dentin perfusion on tensile bond strength of different light-curing materials.

C.R. Gernhardt, H-G. Schaller & A.M. Kielbassa

  • Dental effects of home bleaching gels and whitening strips on the surface hardness of resin composites.

A. Müjdeci & O. Gökay

  • Bond strength between machinable glass-ceramic and dual-cured resin luting cements using silane coupling agents.

K. Yoshida, M. Yamashita & M. Atsuta

  • Shear bond strength of a self-etching adhesive in primary and permanent dentition.

C. Germán Cecilia, C. García Ballesta, O. Cortés Lillo & L. Pérez Lajarín

  • Effect of simulated pulpal pressure on dentin bond strength of self-etching bonding systems.

K. Moll, H-J. Park & B. Haller

  • Environmental contamination before, during, and after dental treatment.

R.H.L. Motta, J.C. Ramacciato, F.C. Groppo, A.B.N.D. Pacheco  & T.R. Mattos-Filho

  • Removal of oral biofilm by sonic phenomena.

W.G. Pitt

  • Effect of endodontic irrigants on microleakage of coronal restorations.

M. Türkün, F. Sevgican & B. Aran

  • Color difference of four esthetic restorative materials by the illuminant.

Y-K. Lee & J.M. Powers

  • Micro-shear bond strength of adhesive systems to cementum.

D. Kikushima, Y. Shimada, R.M. Foxton & J. Tagami

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 December 2005 

  • Restorative treatment of cervical lesions with resin composites: 4-year results.

M. Belluz, M. Pedrocca & M. Gagliani

  • Effect of cavity form on adhesion to cavity floor.

R. Kishikawa, A. Koiwa, H. Chikawa, E. Cho, N. Inai  &  J. Tagami

  • Durability of resin-dentin bonds related to water and oil storage.

M.R.O. Carrilho, R.M. Carvalho, F.R. Tay, C. Yiu & D.H. Pashley

  • Effect of adhesive volume on the bond strength of bonded complex amalgam restorations.

J.D. Overton  &  R.I Vance

  • Adhesion promoters: Effects on the bond strength of brackets.

A. Vicente, L.A. Bravo, M. Romero, A.J. Ortíz &  M. Canteras

  • Tensile bond strengh of self-etching adhesive systems to primary dentin.

C.P. Torres, J.C. Ciccone, R.P. Ramos, S.A.M. Corona, R.G. Palma-Dibb & M.C. Borsatto

  • Micro-shear bond strength of five resin-based composites to dentin with five different dentin adhesives.

B-D. Roh  &  J-H. Chung

  • Effect of different mouthrinses on Knoop hardness of a restorative composite.

A.N. Cavalcanti, F.H.O. Mitsui, G.M.B. Ambrosano, P. Mathias  & G.M. Marchi

  • Subgingival topical doxycycline versus mechanical debridement for supportive periodontal therapy: A single blind randomized controlled two-center study.

P. Eickholz, T-S. Kim, B. Schacher, P. Reitmeir, T. Bürklin & P. Ratka-Krüger

  • Evaluation of various root canal filling materials in primary molar pulpectomies: An in vivo study.

N. Özalp, I. Şaroğlu  & H. Sönmez

  • Evaluation of laser fluorescence for differentiating caries dye-stainable versus caries dye-unstainable dentin in carious lesions.

D.W. Boston  &  J.E. Sauble

  • Evaluation of the elastic recovery of polyether impression materials.

T. Endo & W.J. Finger

  • Remineralization potential of an anticaries/antigingivitis mouthrinse.

D. Yu, T. Sipos, M-M. Wu & C. Naleway

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