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Contents of August and October Issues

August 2004 

  • In situ transformation of glass-ionomer into an enamel-like material.

R.N.B. Van Duinen, C.L. Davidson, A.J. De Gee & A.J. Feilzer

  • *Effect of three direct restorative materials on molar cuspal fracture resistance.

F.W. Allara, Jr., K.E. Diefenderfer & J.D. Molinaro

  • Relationship between S. Mutans and the autofluorescence of carious dentin.

A. Banerjee, A. Gilmour, E. Kidd & T. Watson

  • Wedged cervical lesions produced by toothbrushing.

L.A. Litonjua, S. Andreana, P.J. Bush, T.S. Tobias & R.E. Cohen

  • Argon laser irradiation and fluoride treatment effects on caries-like enamel lesion formation in primary teeth: An in vitro study.

G.H. Westerman, M.J. Hicks, C.M. Flaitz, R.W. Ellis & G.L. Powell

  • Remineralization effects of a sodium fluoride bioerodible gel.

K.K. Sawyer & K.J. Donly

  • Zirconate coupling agent for bonding resin luting cement to pure zirconium.

K. Yoshida, M. Yamashita & M. Atsuta

  • *A two-year comparison of resin-based composite tunnel and Class II restorations in a randomized controlled trial.

Y. Kinomoto, Y. Inoue & S Ebisu

  • Influence of marginal bevels on microleakage around Class V cavities bonded with seven self-etching agents.

A. Santini, V. Ivanovic, R. Ibbetson & E. Milia

  • *Effect of finishing and polishing procedures on surface roughness, gloss and color of resin-based composites.

R.D. Paravina, L. Roeder, H. Lu, K. Vogel  &  J.M. Powers

  • Effects of removing residual peroxide and other oxygen radicals on the shear bond strength and failure modes at resin-tooth interface after tooth bleaching.

K-Y. Kum, K-R. Lim, C-Y Lee, K-H. Park, K.E. Safavi, A.F. Fouad  & L.S. Spĺngberg

  • Single-step, self-etch adhesives behave as permeable membranes after polymerization. Part I. Bond strength and morphologic evidence.

F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, B. Suh, R. Carvalho  & M. Miller

  • Effect of re-use of a disposable micro-polisher on the surface of a microhybrid resin composite.

L.S. Türkün

  • *Wear of aluminum oxide antagonists by commercially available composites and compomers.

C. Zantner, A.M. Kielbassa, P. Martus  & K-H. Kunzelmann

  • Clinical trial evaluating the peroxide concentration response of whitening strips over 28 days.

M. Ferrari, G. Kugel, M.C. Cagidiaco, M.L. Barker & R.W. Gerlach

  • *Effects of bonded composites vs. amalgam on resistance to cuspal deflection for endodontically-treated premolar teeth.

A. Cerutti, P. Flocchini, L. Madini, F. Mangani, A. Putignano  & F. Docchio


  • Practice Management. Measuring and managing profit.

R.P. Levin

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October 2004 

  • Clinical efficacy of a new manual toothbrush on gingivitis reduction and plaque removal.

S. Nathoo, G.N. Wachs, D. Petrone, P. Chaknis, M. Petrone & W. DeVizio            

  • A novel method for the evaluation of powered toothbrush oscillation characteristics.

S.C. Lea, G. Landini & A.D. Walmsley         

  • *Effect of the hydration status of the smear layer on the wettability and bond strength of a self-etching primer to dentin

M. Toledano, R. Osorio, M.A.G Moreira, M.A Cabrerizo-Vilchez, P. Gea, F.R. Tay & D.H. Pashley   

  • Single-step, self-etch adhesives behave as permeable membranes after polymerization. Part II. Silver tracer penetration evidence.

F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, F. García-Godoy  & C.K.Y. Yiu      

  • An accelerated in vitro model for adhesive testing.

W.P. Kelsey III, M.A. Latta, J.D. O’Meara, W.W. Barkmeier, P.D. Hammesfahr & S.R. Jefferies     

  • The adaptation and cavity sealing ability of compomer restorative materials.

S.K. Sidhu & J.F. McCabe           

  • Resin bond strength and micromorphology of human teeth prepared with an Erbium:YAG laser.

C.P. Trajtenberg, P.N.R. Pereira & J.M. Powers      

  • Long-term bond strength of restorations subjected to thermo-mechanical stresses over time.

A.K.B. Bedran-De-Castro, P.N.R. Pereira & L.A.F. Pimenta            

  • Monitoring of demineralized dentin microhardness throughout and after bleaching.

P.M. de Freitas, C.P. Turssi, A.T. Hara & M.C. Serra       

  • *Factors affecting mercury release from dental amalgam exposed to carbamide peroxide

bleaching agent.

I. Rotstein, Y. Avron, H. Shemesh, H. Dogan, C. Mor & D. Steinberg  

  • *In vivo enamel fluoride uptake after use of fluoride products.

G. Campus, M.R. Lallai, R. Carboni, G. Spino, P. Luglié & F. García-Godoy  

  • *Color stability of resin cements after accelerated aging.

H. Lu & J.M. Powers      

  • *Effects of particle size of diamond burs on dentin bond strength.

Y. Hosoya, H. Shinkawa, C. Suefiji, K. Nozaka & F. García-Godoy                           

  • Influence of salivary contamination on marginal microleakage of pit and fissure sealants.

M.C. Borsatto, S.A.M. Corona, A.G. Alves, D.T. Chimello, A.B.E. Catirse & R.G. Palma-Dibb  

  • Occlusion of dentin tubule by desensitizing agents.

A.F.P. Leme, J.C.R.G. dos Santos, M. Giannini & R.S. Wada  

  • Simulated enamel wear during occlusal contact.

S. Suzuki     

  • *Micro-cracking of tooth structure.

C. Sehy & J.L. Drummond


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