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Contents of October 2006 Issue 


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Research Articles


R.M. Puppin-Rontani, M.F. de Góes, C.E. Voelske & F. García-Godoy

Z.C. Cehreli, A.Cetinguc, S.V. Cengiz & A.N. Altay

J.E. Dähnhardt, T. Jaeggi & A. Lussi

A. Vicente, R. Navarro, A. Mena & L.A. Bravo

S.S. Kuvvelti, E.B. Tuna, Ş.K. Çildir, N. Sandalli & K. Gençay

L. Casagrande, V. de Hipólito, M.F. de Góes, J.S. Barata, F.B. de Araújo & F. García-Godoy

Y-K. Lee & J.M. Powers

A.I. Abdalla & F. García-Godoy

M. Demirci, H. Ersev, H.Ş. Sancakli & M. Topçubaşi

Y. Seki, Y. Shimada, R.M. Foxton & J. Tagami

K. Yoshida & M. Atsuta

H. Meyer-Lueckel, P. Tschoppe, W. Hopfenmuller, W-R. Stenzel & A.M. Kielbassa

R.J. Schiavoni, C.P. Turssi, A.L. Rodrigues Jr., M.C. Serra, J.D. Pécora & I.C. Fröner


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