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Contents of August and June 2005 Issues 

August 2005

  • Analyses by photoreflectance spectroscopy and Vickers hardness of conventional and laser-assisted tooth bleaching.

            I.C.R. Cesar, M.L. Redígolo, P.C.S. Liporoni  & E. Munin

  • Effect of ozone on non-cavitated fissure carious lesions in permanent molars. A controlled prospective clinical study.

            K.C. Huth, E. Paschos, K. Brand & R. Hickel

  • The dental pulp: Inflammatory markers and vital bleaching.

            O.J. Fugaro, J.O. Fugaro, B. Matis, R.L. Gregory, M.A. Cochran & I. Mjör 

  • Influence of cavity configuration on the adhesion of two resin-based composites to pulpal floor dentin.

            H. Akagawa, T. Nikaido, M.F. Burrow & J. Tagami

  • Comparative study of plaque removal efficacy of twin-motor sonic toothbrush with floating bristles and conventional powered toothbrushes in posterior teeth.

            Y. Hanato, T. Kishimoto, M. Ojima, T. Matsuo, N. Kanesaki, C. Ryu 

            & T Hanioka

  • Comparison of direct digital and conventional imaging with Ekta Speed Plus and INSIGHT films for the detection of approximal caries.

            E.A.F. de Araujo, J.C.M. Castilho, E.M. Filho & M.E.L. de Moraes

  • Confocal laser scanning microscopic observations of secondary caries inhibition around different types of luting cements.

            A. Umino, T. Nikaido, S. Tsuchiya, R.M. Foxton & J. Tagami

  • Role of dentifrices on abrasion of enamel exposed to an acidic drink.

            C.P. Turssi, D.C.F. Messias, M. De Menezes, A.T. Hara & M.C. Serra

  • Shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded with self-etching primers.

            A. Vicente, L.A. Bravo, M. Romero, A.J. Ortíz & M. Canteras

  • Antibacterial activity of glass-ionomer cement containing antibiotics on caries lesion microorganisms.

            S.L. Pinheiro, M.R.L. Simionato, J.C.P. Imparato & M. Oda

  • Cytotoxicity of a new toothpaste based on an ion exchange resin mixture.

             A. Torrado, M. Valiente, W. Zhang, Y Li & C.A. Muñoz

  • Failure of anti-retraction valves and the procedure for between patient flushing: A rationale for chemical control of dental unit waterline contamination.

            L. Montebugnoli, G. Dolci, D.A. Spratt & R. Puttaiah

  • All-ceramic partial coverage premolar restorations. Cavity preparation design, reliability and fracture resistance after fatigue.

            C.F.J. Stappert, P.C. Guess, T. Gerds & J.R. Strub

  • Application of biologically-oriented dentin bonding principles to the use of endodontic irrigants.

             F. García-Godoy, R.J. Loushine, A. Itthagarun, R.N. Weller, P.E. Murray, 

             A.J. Feilzer, D.H. Pashley & F.R. Tay

  • Clinical effectiveness of two agents on the treatment of tooth cervical hypersensitivity.

            A. Kakaboura, C. Rahiotis, S. Thomaidis & S. Doukoudakis 

  • The nature of the remaining dentin surface following application of Carisolv solution.

            L.A. Morrow, N.H.F. Wilson, D.C. Watts & N. Silikas

  • Morphologic changes in the microcirculation induced by chronic smoking habit: A videocapillaroscopic study on the human gingival mucosa.

            G.A. Scardina & P. Messina


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 June 2005 

  • Simplified and quantitative saliva buffer capacity test using a hand-held pH meter.

            Y. Kitasako, M. Moritsuka, R.M. Foxton, M. Ikeda, J. Tagami 

            & S. Nomura

  • Dentin bridge formation after mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) pulpotomies in primary teeth.

            M. Maroto, E. Barbería, P. Planells & F. García-Godoy

  • Influence of interchanging self-etching primers and bonding agents on bond strengths to bovine enamel.

            M. Yamada, M. Miyazaki, H. Onose & B.K. Moore

  • Effect of resin hydrophilicity on tracer penetration. A preliminary study.

            C.K.Y. Yiu, F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, N.M. King, B.I. Suh 

            & A. Itthagarun

  • Influence of pulse frequency Er:YAG laser on the tensile bond strength of a composite to dentin.

            M. Gonçalves, S.A. Milori Corona, M.C. Borsatto, J. Djalma Pécora

            & R.G. Palma Dibb

  • Bond strength of composite to astringent-contaminated dentin using self-etching adhesives.

            K.L. O’Keefe, L.M. Pinzon, B. Rivera  &  J.M. Powers

  • Influence of different adhesive restorative materials on mutans streptococci colonization.

            E. Brambilla, M.G. Cagetti, M. Gagliani, L. Fadini, F. García-Godoy

            &  L. Strohmenger

  • Influence of initial water content on the subsequent water sorption and solubility behavior in restorative polymers.

            E. Mortier, D.A. Gerdolle, A. Dahoun  &  M.M. Panighi

  • Effect of topical fluoride and fluoride varnish on in vitro root surface lesions.

            L. Hong, C.A. Watkins, R.L. Ettinger  &  J.S. Wefel

  • Clinical effects of glass-ionomer restorations on residual carious dentin in primary molars.

            R.J. Smales, H.C. Ngo, K.H-K. Yip  &  C. Yu

  • Comparison of three in-office bleaching systems based on 35% hydrogen peroxide with different light activators.

            M. Sulieman, E. MacDonald, J.S. Rees  &  M. Addy

  • In vitro model for evaluating the effect of child formula toothpastes on artificial caries in primary dentition enamel.

            P. Thaveesangpanich, A. Itthagarun, N.M. King, J.S. Wefel 

            & F.R. Tay

 Review Articles

  • Longevity of occlusally-stressed restorations in posterior primary teeth. Full PDF

            R. Hickel, C. Kaaden, E. Paschos, V. Buerkle, F. García-Godoy 

            &  J. Manhart 

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