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Contents of February and April Issues

April 2005


  • Evaluation of resin composite materials. Part II.: In vivo investigations.

N. Krämer, F. García-Godoy & R. Frankenberger

  • Application of a preliminary light-curing unit for enhanced bonding between a gold alloy and veneering materials.

N. Tanoue, S. Shimoe, M. Atsuta & H. Matsumura

  • Effects of delayed microbial analysis of dental unit water line specimens.

C.J. Palenik, K.H. Burgess & C.H. Miller

  • *Effect of acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) gel on the adherence of cariogenic bacteria to resin composites.

Y.J. Kim, K-T. Jang & F. García-Godoy

  • Surface characterization of modern resin composites: A multitechnique approach.

N. Silikas, K. Kavvadia, G. Eliades & D. Watts

  • Effect of filler loading on resin cement bonding to silanized buildup composites.

H. Kajihara, S. Suzuki, Y. Minesaki, H. Kuyrashige & T. Tanaka

  • *Effect of ultrasonic scaling on salivary lactate dehydrogenase.

V.A. de la Peña, P. Diz Dios, I. Rodríguez-Nuñez & S. Rodríguez-Segade

  • *Plaque removal efficacy of a prototype power toothbrush compared to a control manual toothbrush.

A.R. Biesbrock & R.D. Bartizek

  • *Effects of pre- or post-application of calcium chloride on occluding ability of potassium oxalate for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.

T. Suge, A. Kawasaki, K. Ishikawa, T. Matsuo  & S. Ebisu

  • Conversion of one-step to two-step self-etch adhesives for improved efficacy and extended application.

N.M. King, F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, M. Hashimoto, S. Ito, W.W. Brackett, F. García-Godoy & M. Sunico

  • *Clinical performance of a self-etching adhesive at 18 months.

J. Perdigão, A.R.P Carmo, C. Anauate-Netto, R. Amore, H.R. Lewgoy, H.J.D. Cordeiro, M. Dutra-Correa & N. Castilhos

  • Cure kinetics of composites using video imaging.

L.J. Sharp, A. Sy, R. Yin & B.I. Suh

  • Review Articles

  •  *Sports drinks and dental erosion. Full PDF

J.S. Coombes

  •  The validity of reported tensile bond strength utilizing non-standardized specimen surface areas. An analysis of in vitro studies. Full PDF

C. Stamatacos-Mercer  & T.L. Hottel

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 February 2005 


  • Plaque removal efficacy and safety of the next generation of manual toothbrush with angled bristle technology: Results from three comparative clinical studies. 

N.C. Sharma, J.G. Qaqish, H.J. Galustians, M.A. Cugini, M.C. Thompson & P.R. Warren   

  • Subsurface microhardness of enamel and dentin after different external bleaching procedures.

T. Attin, D. Vollmer, A. Wiegand, R. Attin & H. Betke  

  • *Peroxide release into saliva from five different home bleaching systems in vivo.

C. Hannig, R. Zech, E. Henze, S. Dreier & T. Attin   

  • *Longevity of bonds made by composite and polyacid-modified resins to dentin using a dual-cured adhesive system.

R. Osorio, M. Toledano, E. Osorio & F.R. Tay  

  • Evaluation of resin composite materials. Part I: In vitro investigations.

R. Frankenberger, F. García-Godoy, U. Lohbauer, A. Petschelt & N. Krämer 

  • *Pit and fissure sealing. Bonding of bulk-cured, low-filled, light-curing resins to bacteria-contaminated uncut enamel in high c-factor cavities.

F.R. Tay, R. Frankenberger, R.M. Carvalho & D.H. Pashley    

  • Microtensile bond strength of total-etch and self-etch adhesives to the enamel walls of Class V cavities.

W.P. Kelsey III, M.A. Latta, M.A. Vargas, L.R. Carroll & S.R. Armstrong   

  • Effect of application mode on bonding performance of self-etching adhesives.

W.J. Finger & C. Tani  

  • *Four-year clinical evaluation of a self-etching primer and resin-based restorative material.

V.V. Gordan, C. Shen, R.E. Watson & I.A. Mjör  

  • *Accuracy of assessing infrabony defects using a special digital filter for periodontal bone loss.

T. Hörr, T-S. Kim, S. Hassfeld, H.J. Staehle, F. Klein & P. Eickholz  

  • Radiodensity evaluation of seven root post systems.

C.J. Soares, F.H. Ogata Mitsui, F. Haiter Neto, G.M. Marchi & L.R. Marcondes Martins  

  • Scanning electron microscopic evaluation of fiber post-resin core units built up with different resin composites.

F. Monticelli, C. Goracci, S. Grandini, F. García-Godoy & M. Ferrari   

  • Evaluation of the interface between one-bottle adhesive systems and dentin by Goldner’s trichrome.

Y. Wang & P. Spencer


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