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Contents of August 2007 Issue


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Research Articles


Clinical reversal of root caries using ozone. 6-month results.

A. Baysan & E. Lynch


Desensitizing efficacy of a new toothpaste containing 5.5%potassium citrate: A 4-week clinical study.

R. Docimo, L. Montesani, P. Maturo, M. Costacurta, M. Bartolino, W. DeVizio, Y.P. Zhang & S. Dibart


Effect of dentifrice containing 5000 ppm fluoride on non-cavitated fissure carious

lesions in vivo after 2 weeks.

J.F. Schirrmeister, J.P. Gebrande, M.J. Altenburger, J.S. Mönting & E. Hellwig

Treatment of root sensitivity after periodontal therapy.

M.F. Fiocchi, A.J. Moretti, J.M. Powers & T. Rives


Penetration of radiopaque dental restorative materials using a novel ultrasound imaging system.

R.S. Singh, M.O.Culjat, J.C. Cho, R.R. Neurgaonkar, D.C.Yoon, W.S. Grundfest, E.R. Brown & S.N. White

Extrinsic stain removal efficacy of a dual-phase dentifrice.

Y.C. Li, T. He, L. Sun, Y. Zhang, X. Li, Y. Wang, S. Zhao & R.Y. Tang

Effect of adhesive systems and surface treatment of methacrylate resin-based fiber posts on post-resin-dentin bonds.

F. Monticelli, R. Osorio, A. Albaladejo, F.S. Aguilera, F.R. Tay, M. Ferrari & M. Toledano


Dental enamel dissolution after alendronate treatment

M.G. Gandolfi, C. Nucci, C. Prati & R. Mongiorgi

Recovery of genomic DNA from lingual mucosal cells in sufficient quantity and quality.

Y. Imamura, S. Usui, Y. Oomori, Y. Fujigaki, N. Ota & P-L. Wang

Effect of bleaching on the cemento-enamel junction.

R. Esberard, R.R. Esberard, R.M. Esberard, A. Consolaro & C.H. Pameijer

Influence of thermal and mechanical load cycling on the microtensile bond strength of self-etching adhesives.

A.I. Abdalla, A.A. El Zohairy, M.M.N. Aboushelib & A.J. Feilzer

Effect of LED curing modes on the microleakage of a pit and fissure sealant.

A. Nalçaci, N. Ulusoy & Ç. Küçükeşmen

Microtensile bond strength of self-etching adhesive systems to differently prepared dentin.

B. Pangrisomboon, C. Harnirattisai, K. Nilsri & M.F. Burrow

Quality of curing in relation to hardness, degree of cure and polymerization depth measured on a nano-hybrid composite.

N. Ilie & R. Hickel

Effect of post-retained composite restorations and amount of coronal residual structure on the fracture resistance of endodontically-treated teeth.

R. Sorrentino, F. Monticelli, C. Goracci, F. Zarone, F.R. Tay, F. García-Godoy & M. Ferrari

Extent of polymerization of dental bonding systems on bleached enamel.

L. Breschi, M. Cadenaro, F. Antoniolli, E. Visintini, M. Toledano & R. Di Lenarda


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