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Contents of June 2008 Issue


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Review Article

Light curing of resin-based composites in the LED era. Full PDF

N. Krämer, U. Lohbauer, F. García-Godoy & R. Frankenberger

Research Articles

Long-term bond strengths to dentin treated with different re-wetting solutions.

R. Walter, P.A. Miguez, E.J. Swift, Jr. & P.N.R. Pereira

36-month clinical evaluation of two adhesives and microhybrid resin composites in Class I restorations.

E.J. Swift, Jr., A.V. Ritter, H.O. Heymann, J.R. Sturdevant & A.D. Wilder, Jr.

Effectiveness of indirect composite resin silanization evaluated by microtensile bond strength test.

M.I. Honda, F.M. Flório & R.T. Basting

Effect of blood contamination on the shear bond strength at resin/dentin interface in primary teeth.

M.S. Raffaini, J.M. Gomes-Silva, C.P. Torres-Mantovani, R.G. Palma-Dibb 
& M.C. Borsatto 

Fracture resistance of Class II glass-ionomer cement restorations.

T.J. Esteves Barata, E. Bresciani, T. Cestari Fagundes, D.F. Gigo Cefaly, J.R. Pereira Lauris & M.F. Lima Navarro 

Tetracycline gel as an adjunct to surgical root debridement.

A.W. Sallum, R. Vasconcelos Alves, L.F. Teixeira Damis, P.F. Roesler Bertolini, F.H. Nociti Junior & E.A. Sallum 

Subgingival triclosan-polydimethylsiloxane gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing.

G. Lecio, L.M. Shaddox, M. Diniz Carvalho, P. Mendes Duarte, R. Santos Tunes, G.R. Nogueira-Filho & E.A. Sallum 

Removal time of fiber posts versus titanium posts.

R.Q. Frazer, R.E. Kovarik, K.B. Chance & R.J. Mitchell 

Placement of fiber prefabricated or custom made posts affects the 3-year survival of endodontically treated premolars

M.C. Cagidiaco, F. García-Godoy, A. Vichi, S. Grandini, C. Goracci & M. Ferrari 

Plaque removal efficacy of an advanced rotation-oscillation power toothbrush versus a new sonic toothbrush.

A.R. Biesbrock, P.A. Walters, R.D. Bartizek, C.R. Goyal & J.G. Qaqish 

In vivo antiplaque efficacy of combined antimicrobial dentifrice and rinse hygiene regimens.

D.J. White, M.L. Barker & M. Klukowska

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