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Contents of February 2008 Issue


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Research Articles

Is surface roughness of resin composites affected by operator's performance? 

M. Jung, A. Otte & J. Klimek 

Toothbrushing before or after an acidic challenge to minimize tooth wear? An in situ/ex vivo study.

 A. Wiegand, S. Egert & T. Attin 

Comparison of two low sensitivity whiteners. 

R.S. Callan, W.D. Browning, M.C. Downey, M.G. Brackett & W.W. Brackett 

Opinions of dental professionals from a large American insurance system on outcome of non-surgical root canal treatment. 

I. Rotstein & R. Salehrabi 

Comparison of visual inspection, radiographic examination, laser fluorescence and their combinations on treatment decisions for occlusal surfaces. 

F.B. Valera, J.P. Pessan, R.C. Valera, J. Mondelli & C. Percinoto 

Early and 24-hour bond strength and degree of conversion of etch-and-rinse and self-etch adhesives. 

F.T. Sadek, F.C. Calheiros, P.E.C. Cardoso, Y. Kawano, F. Tay & M. Ferrari 

The effects of ozone gas application on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets to enamel. 

A.H. Al Shamsi, J.L. Cunningham, P-J. Lamey & E. Lynch 

The effect of a chlorhexidine containing cavity disinfectant on the clinical performance of high-viscosity glass-ionomer cement following ART: 24-month results. 

N.K. Ersin, A. Aykut, U. Candan, Ö. Önça?, C. Eronat & T. Kose 

Influence of dentin adcid-etching and NaOCl-treatment on bond strengths of self-etch adhesives. 

M.C.G. Erhardt, E. Osorio, F.S. Aguilera, J.P. Proença, R. Osorio & M. Toledano 

A clinical evaluation of a resin composite and a compomer in non-carious Class V lesions. A 3-year follow-up. 

S. Pollington & R. van Noort 

Flowable composites as intermediate agents without adhesive application in resin composite repair. 

F. Papacchini, I. Radovic, E. Magni, C. Goracci, F. Monticelli, N. Chieffi, A. Polimeni & M. Ferrari 

Wetting ability of single-component self-etching adhesives on enamel and dentin. 

T. Bortolotto, M. Ferrari & I. Krejci 

Effect of resin coating on dentin bond durability of a resin cement over 1 year. 

T. Nikaido, Y. Kitasako, M.F. Burrow, A. Umino, R. Maruoka, M. Ikeda & J. Tagami 

Review Article

Improving the completeness and transparency of reports of randomized trials in oral health: The CONSORT Statement. 

I. Needleman, H. Worthington, D. Moher, K. Schulz & D.G. Altman 


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