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Contents of April 2008 Issue


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Research Articles

Tooth bleaching and pit and fissure stain.


D.S. Falconer, J.C. Hamilton, K.W. Stoffers  & W.A. Gregory


Treating sensitive cervical areas with ozone. A prospective controlled clinical trial.


J.E. Dähnhardt, M. Gygax, B. Martignoni, P. Suter  &  A.Lussi

Influence of a desensitizing agent on efficacy of a paint-on bleaching agent.


D. Ziebolz, C. Hannig  & T. Attin


Clinical evaluation of the effects of a sonic toothbrush with ultrasound waveguide in disrupting plaque with and without bristle contact.


A.R. Biesbrock, T. He, P.A. Walters & R.D. Bartizek


Influence of cementation variables on fatigue of simulated two-unit cantilever resin-bonded fixed partial dentures.


A. van Dalen, A.J. Feilzer & C.J. Kleverlaan 


Effect of different surface treatments on the repair bond strength of indirect composites.


E.M. Souza, C.E. Francischone, J.M. Powers, R.N. Rached & S. Vieira


Fracture resistance and microtensile bond strength of maxillary premolars restored with two resin composite inlay systems.


Y-S. Sun, Y-M. Chen, R.J. Smales &  K.H-K. Yip


Influence of oil contamination on in vitro bond strength of bonding agents to dental substrates.


A.B. Matos, D.C. Oliveira, S.N. Vieira, N.G. Netto & J.M. Powers


Influence of timing of coronal preparation on retention of two types of post cores.


G. Saygili, S. Şahmali & F. Demirel  


Changes in surface contour of resin composites after light-curing.


Y-K. Lee

Impact of fluoride, milk and water rinsing on surface rehardening of acid softenedenamel.An in situ study.


A. Wiegand, I. Müller, J.D. Schnapp, C. Werner  &  T. Attin  


Susceptibility of a polycaprolactone-based root canal filling material to degradation using an agar-well diffusion assay.


N. Hiraishi, F.T. Sadek, N.M. King, M. Ferrari, D.H. Pashley & F.R. Tay  

Influence of water flow rate on shear bond strength of resin composite to Er:YAG cavity preparation.


V. Colucci, M.P. Lucisano, F.L.B. do Amaral, J.D. Pécora, R.G. Palma-Dibb & S.A.M. Corona


Long term evaluation of the remineralization of interproximal caries-like lesions adjacent to glass-ionomer restorations: A micro-CT study.


H-S. Lee, J.H. Berg, F. García-Godoy  & K-T. Jang


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