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Contents of December 2007 Issue


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Research Articles


Working time of elastomeric impression materials: Relevance of rheological tests. 

M. Balkenhol, M. Kanehira, W.J. Finger & B. Wöstmann


Five-year clinical evaluation of One-Up Bond F in non-carious cervical lesions. 

M.F. Burrow & M.J. Tyas


Susceptibility of a polycaprolactone-based root canal filling material to degradation. Evidence of biodegradation from a simulated field test. 

F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, R.J. Loushine, S. Kuttler, F. García-Godoy, N.M. King & M. Ferrari


The effect of direct and indirect water storage on the microtensile dentin bond strength of a total-etch and two self-etching adhesives. 

A.I. Abdalla, M. El Eraki & A.J. Feilzer 


Surface treatments on quartz fiber post: Influence on adhesion and flexural properties. 

N. Cheleux, P. Sharrock & M. Degrange 


Marginal accuracy of press-ceamic veneers influenced by preparation design and fatigue. 

C.F.J. Stappert, U. Ozden, W. Att, T. Gerds & J.R. Strub


Remineralization of artificial interproximal carious lesions using a fluoride mouthrinse. 

M.J. Altenburger, J.F. Schirrmeister, K-T. Wrbas & E. Hellwig


Influence of three different sealants on root dentin demineralization in situ. 

C.R. Gernhardt, K. Bekes & H-G. Schaller


In vitro wear of primary and permanent enamel. Simultaneous erosion and abrasion. 

G.M. Correr, R.C. Bruschi Alonso, S. Consani, R.M. Puppin-Rontani & J.L. Ferracane


Cytotoxic effects of different concentrations of chlorhexidine. 

L. Brito de Souza, S. García de Aquino, P.P. Chaves de Souza, J. Hebling & C.A. de Souza Costa


Fracture load of fixed partial dentures anchored by composite inlays. 

B.M. Ohlmann, M. Schmitter, O. Gabbert & P. Rammelsberg


Effect of denture cleansers on the hardness of heat- or auto-cured acrylic- or silicone-based soft denture liners. 

A. Mese 


Resistance to thermo-mechanical stress of different coupling agents used as intermediate layer in resin-fiber post bonds. 

F. Monticelli, R. Osorio, F.R. Tay, F.T. Sadek, M. Ferrari & M. Toledano 


Review Article


Post-endodontic restorations with adhesively luted fiber-reinforced composite post systems: A review. Full PDF

K. Bitter & A.M. Kielbassa 



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