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Contents of April and June Issues

April 2004 

  • Efficacy and safety assessment of a new liquid tooth whitening gel containing 5.9% hydrogen peroxide.

G. Gambarini, L. Testarelli, M. DeLuca & G. Dolci

  • Cleaning power and abrasivity of a new toothpaste based on ion-exchange resins.

A. Torrado, M. Valiente & C.A. Muņoz

  • Effect of 1000 ppm relative to 250 ppm fluoride toothpaste. A meta analysis.

M. Steiner, U. Helfenstien & G Menghini

  • *Bonding to root caries by a self-etching adhesive system containing MDPB.

J. Doi, T Itota, M. Yoshiyama, F.R. Tay & D.H. Pashley

  • *Clinical criteria used to detect primary root caries with electrical and mechanical measurements in vitro.

A. Baysan, J.F. Prinz & E. Lynch

  • Effect of two different restorative techniques using resin-based composites on microleakage.

A.C. Correa Aranha & L.A. Freire Pimenta

  • Effects of storage media on mechanical properties of adhesive systems.

M.R.O. Carrilho, R.M. Carvalho, F.R. Tay & D.H. Pashley

  • *Surface roughness of resin composite prepared by single-use and multi-use diamonds.

L.B. Roeder & J.M. Powers

  • * Comparison of PAC and QTH light sources on polymerization of resin composites.

N. Katahira, R.M. Foxton, N. Inai, M. Otsuki & J Tagami

  • Microleakage around a low-shrinkage composite cured with a high-performance light.

A. Santini & E. Milia

  • Bond strengths of repaired laboratory composites using three surface treatments and three primers.

C.P. Trajtenberg & J.M. Powers

  • Translucency of opaque-shade resin composites.

T. Ikeda, Y. Murata & H. Sano

  • Quantitative evaluation of self-etching primer action on dentin permeability: A correlation between impedance measurements and acidity.

N. Pradelle-Plasse, P. Colon, F. Wenger & B. Picard

  • *Effects of application techniques and fissure types on the in vitro performance of two fissure sealants.

D. Duangthip & A. Lussi


  • Practice Management. Eight ways to relieve practice stress.

R.P. Levin

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June 2004 


  • *Clinical evaluation of four Class 5 restorative materials: 3-year recall.

J.O. Burgess, J.R. Gallo, A.H. Ripps, R.S. Walker & E.J. Ireland

  • Effect of a whitening agent application on enamel bond strength of self-etching primer systems.

M. Miyazaki, H. Sato, T. Sato, B.K. Moore & J.A. Platt

  • *Microleakage and gap formation of resin composite restorations polymerized with different techniques.

C.M. Amaral, A.R. Peris, G.M.B. Ambrosano & L.A.F. Pimienta

  • *The effects of air-abrasion on dentin, enamel, and metal bonding.

H. Kajihara, S. Suzuki, Y. Minesaki, H. Kurashige & T. Tanaka

  • An in vitro investigation to optimize the quality of compomer-based fissure sealants.

R. Reinhardt, A. Wang, J. Kaltschmitt, M.J. Koch, T. Pioch, H.J. Staehle & A. Schulte

  • *In vitro durability of the resin bond to feldspathic ceramics.

M.B. Blatz, A. Sadan, C. Maltezos, U. Blatz, D. Mercante & J.O. Burgess

  • Effect of hydrofluoric acid on repair bond strength of a laboratory composite.

C.P. Tajtenberg & J.M. Powers

  • In vito testing of all-in-one adhesives as fissure sealants.

M. Hori, E. Yoshida, M. Hashimoto, M. Kaga, H. Sano & H Oguchi

  • Nanoleakage types and potential implications: Evidence from unfilled and filled adhesives with the same resin composition.

F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley, C. Yiu, C. Cheong, M. Hashimoto, K. Itou, M. Yoshiyama & N.M. King

  • *Self-etching adhesives and postoperative sensitivity.

M. Unemori, Y. Matsuya, A. Akashi, Y. Goto & A. Akamine

  • Chlorhexidine concentration in saliva after topical treatment with an antibacterial dental varnish.

E. Brambilla, M.G. Cagetti, L. Fadini, P. Pariset, L. Strohmenger & S. Twetman

  • In vitro evaporative vs. convective water flux across human dentin before and after conditioning and placement of glass-ionomer cements.

S.K. Sidhu, K.A. Agee, J.L. Waller & D.H. Pashley

  • *Effect of fluoride/essential oils-containing mouthrinse on the microhardness of demineralized bovine enamel. 

D. Yu, T. Sipos, M-M. Wu, T. Bilbault, M.C. Lynch & C. Naleway

  • Plaque removing capacity of a novel high pressure water irrigator.

J. Eberhard, S. Damm, S. Freitag, H-K. Albers & S. Jepsen

  • Temperature rise in the pulp chamber induced by a conventional halogen light-curing source and a plasma arc lamp.

G. Danesch, H. Davids, S. Duda, M. Kaup, K. Ott & E. Schäfer


  • Practice Management. Customer service and practice profitability.

R.P. Levin

  • Clinical Case of the Head and Neck Lesions. Chemical burn of the buccal mucosa.

R.G. Holmes, D.C.N. Chan & B.B. Singh

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