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February 2009

     The global increase in dental caries. A pending public health crisis.

R.A. Bagramian, F. García-Godoy & A.R. Volpe


     Fracture strength of endodontically treated molars transfixed horizontally by a fiber glass post.

M.C.G. Beltrão, A.M. Spohr, H.M.S. Oshima, E.G. Mota & L.H. Burnett Jr.


     Efficacy of calcium hydroxide, Er:YAG laser or gaseous ozone against Enterococcus faecalis in root canals.

J. Noetzel, J. Nonhoff, K. Bitter, J. Wagner, K. Neumann & A.M. Kielbassa


      Spectrophotometric evaluation of color match to VITA classical shade guide of four different veneering porcelain systems for metal ceramic restorations.

G. Fazi, A. Vichi, G. Corciolani & M. Ferrari


     Whitening effect and morphological evaluation of hydroxyapatite materials.

A. Dabanoglu, C. Wood, F. García-Godoy & K-H. Kunzelmann

      Effects of acidic primer/adhesives on primary and permanent dentin.

A.F. Sanches Borges, R.M. Puppin-Rontani, R. Andrade Bittar, K.R. Kantowitz, F.Miori Pascon & A.A. Martin


      Effect of acid etching time on the degradation of resin-dentin bonds in primary teeth.

M.E. Sanabe, K.R. Kantovitz, C.A. de Souza Costa & J. Hebling


      Influence of curing mode intensities on cell culture cytotoxicity/genotoxicity.

A. Knezevic, D. Zeljezic, N. Kopjar & Z. Tarle


     Association between staining by caries detector dye and the corresponding mineral density in dentin caries.

M. Sunago, S. Nakashima & J. Tagami


     IPS Empress inlays luted with a self-adhesive resin cement after 1 year.

M. Taschner, R. Frankenberger, F. García-Godoy, S. Rosenbusch, A. Petschelt & N. Krämer


     Effect of nanofillers’ size on surface properties after toothbrush abrasion.

L.M. Cavalcante, K. Masouras, D.C. Watts, L.A. Pimenta & N. Silikas


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