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December 2009

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X. Ma, T. Jiang, L. Sun, Z. Wang, Y. Zhou & Y. Wang


L.A. Chambrone & L. Chambrone

K. Williams, K. Rapley, J. Haun, P. Walters,
T. He, J. Grender & A.R. Biesbrock
H-S. Cha & Y-K. Lee
J.H. Purk, V. Dusevich, J. Atwood, B.D. Spencer,
D. Kruse, T. Webb, A. Williams & D. Tira
S. Takenaka, R. Wakamatsu, Y. Ozoe,
F. Tomita, M. Fukushima & T. Okiji


M. Vano, C. Carvalho, M. Sedda, M. Gabriele,
F. García-Godoy & M. Ferrari

R. Osorio, F. Monticelli, M.A.G. Moreira, E. Osorio & M. Toledano


Z.S. Albashaireh, M. Ghazal & M. Kern


S. Zhu & J.A. Platt


C.M. Barbosa, R.T. Sasaki, F.M. Flório & R.T. Basting


S. Bayrak, E.S. Tunc, I.S. Sonmez, T. Egilmez & B. Ozmen


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