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October 2008

  Review Article

The cracked tooth conundrum: Terminology, classification, diagnosis, and management.

W. Kahler


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Research Articles

Association of salivary Streptococcus mutans levels determined by rapid detection system 
using monoclonal antibodies with prevalence of root surface caries.

K. Ikebe, S. Imazato, N.Izutani, K-I. Matsuda, S. Ebisu, T. Nokubi & A.W. Walls
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Polishing performance of multiple-use silicone rubber-based polishing instruments 
with and without disinfection/sterilization.
S.D. Heintze & M. Forjanic  
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Effect of different 1% chlorhexidine varnish regimens on mutans streptococci levels 
in saliva and dental biofilm.
L.G.M. Ribeiro, L.N. Hashizume & M. Maltz
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Potential effect of sodium bicarbonate-containing dentifrice in controlling enamel erosion in situ. 
D.C.F. Messias, M.C. Serra & C.P. Turssi
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Self-limiting caries therapy with proteolytic agents. 
A.A.R. Ahmed, F. García-Godoy & K-H. Kunzelmann
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Reduction in bacterial contamination of toothbrushes using the Violight ultraviolet 
light activated toothbrush sanitizer.
R. Boylan, Y. Li, L. Simeonova, G. Sherwin, J. Kreismann, R.G. Craig, J.A. Ship, & J.A. McCutcheon
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Early dental plaque formation on toothbrushed titanium implant surfaces. 
E.S. Amarante, L. Chambrone, R.F.M. Lotufo & L.A. Lima 
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Bonding of autopolymerizing denture base resin to cast Type IV gold alloy. 
H. Shimizu, Y. Tachii & Y. Takahashi
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Clinical evaluation of a self-etch adhesive in non-carious cervical lesions. 
A.I. Abdalla & H.Y. El Sayed 
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A finite element analysis of ceramic restorations in endodontically treated premolars. 
L.L. Seow, C.G. Toh, A.S-L. Fok & N.H.F. Wilson
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