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December 2008

     Efficacy of three toothbrushes on established gingivitis and plaque.

J. Sowinski, D.M. Petrone, G.N. Wachs, P. Chaknis, J. Kemp, A.A. Sprosta & W. DeVizio


     Effect of an oscillating rotating power toothbrush on plaque removal and regrowth.

M. Klukowska, D.J. White, M.L. Barker & R.D. Bartizek


     Influence of chlorhexidine on fluoride uptake by bovine dentin in vitro.

A.S. Rieben, B. Zimny, J. Noetzel, K. Neumann & A.M. Kielbassa


      Marginal and internal adaptation of composite restorations to dentin in vivo and in vitro.

P. Hahn, G. Weyen, P. Fischer, S. Plogmann & M. Hannig


     Effect of thermocycling on optical parameters of resin composites by the brand and shade.

S-H. Lee & Y-K. Lee

      Ultrastructural examination of one-step self-etch adhesive bonded primary sound and caries-affected dentin.

Y. Hosoya, F.R. Tay, F. García-Godoy, & D.H. Pashley


      Fracture resistance of fiver posts: Combinations of several small posts vs.standardized single post.

P.F. Porciani, M. Vano, I. Radovic, C. Goracci, S. Grandini, F. García-Godoy, & M. Ferrari


      Marginal adaptation of pit and fissure sealants after thermal and chemical stress. A SEM study.

K.R. Kantovitz, F.M. Pascon, R.C. Bruschi Alonso, M. Nobre-dos-Santos & R.M. Puppin Rontani


     Preparation for invasive pit and fissure sealing: Air-abrasion or bur?

N. Krämer, F. García-Godoy, U. Lohbauer, K. Schneider, I. Assmann & R. Frankenberger


     Effects of the desensitizing agents Gluma and Hyposen on the tensile bond strength of dentin adhesives.

A. Kobler, H.G. Schaller & C.R. Gernhardt


     Micro-CT for measuring marginal leakage of Class II resin composite restorations in primary molars prepared in vivo.

E. Eden, V. Topaloglu-Ak, V. Cuijpers & J.E. Frencken




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