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Contents of August 2008 Issue


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Review Article

Oral cancer: Current and future diagnostic techniques. 
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C. Scully, J.V. Bagan, C. Hopper & J.B. Epstein 

Research Articles

Clinical evaluation of a dentifrice containing calcium sodium phosphosilicate (NovaMin) for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity

M.Q. Du, Z. Bian, H. Jiang, D.C. Greenspan, A.K. Burwell, J. Zhong & B.J. Tai 

Effect of pre-heating on depth of cure and surface hardness of light-polymerized resin composites

C.A. Muñoz, P.R. Bond, J. Sy-Muñoz, D. Tan & J. Peterson 

Hardness and elasticity of caries-affected and sound primary tooth dentin bonded with 4-META one-step self-etch adhesives. 

Y. Hosoya, F.R. Tay, S. Miyakoshi & D.H. Pashley 

Translucency of varied brand and shade of resin composites.
B. Yu & Y-K. Lee 

Effect of hydrostatic pulpal water pressure on microtensile bond strength of self-etch adhesives to dentin
A.I. Abdalla, H.Y. ElSayed & F. García-Godoy 

The influence of dynamic fatigue loading on the separate components of the bracket-cement-enamel system.
T.J. Algera, C.J. Kleverlaan, B. Prahl-Andersen & A.J. Feilzer 

Comparison of detachment forces of two implant overdenture attachment types: Effect of detachment speed
S.R. Jefferies, D.W. Boston, M.P. Damrow & C.T. Galbraith 

Influence of occlusal access on demineralized dentin removal in the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) approach.
M.F.L. Navarro, C.J. Rigolon, T.J.E. Barata, E. Bresciane, T.C. Fagundes & M.C. Peters 

Cytotoxic effects and pulpal response caused by a mineral trioxide aggregate formulation and calcium hydroxide. 
C.A. de Souza Costa, P.T. Duarte, P.P. Chaves de Souza, E.M Aparecida Giro & J. Hebling 

Histological evaluation of mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium hydroxide 
in direct pulp capping of huyman immature permanent teeth.

L. Sawicki, C.H. Pameijer, K. Emerich & B. Adamowicz-Klepalska 

Survival of glass fiber post restorations over 5 years
M. Naumann, S. Reich, F.P. Nothdurft, F. Beuer, J.F. Schirrrmeister & T. Dietrich 


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